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Values & Strategy


Our Core Values


  • 1

    Generate New Discoveries

    1. Complete reconnaissance exploration and identify tier-1 scale greenfield targets across the West Yilgarn Ni-Cu-PGE Province
    2. Drill test new tier-1 scale targets, maximising our unique competitive advantage
  • 2

    Define New Resources

    1. Scope the overall scale of the Julimar mineral system using the latest technology
    2. Define sufficient Measured or Indicated resources for all potential Gonneville development scenarios
    3. Characterise all mineralogies identified at Julimar to de-risk future processing
  • 3

    De-risk Development

    1. Complete the Scoping Study for a Gonneville starter mine
    2. Investigate alternative processing flowsheets for Gonneville mineralisation and determine piloting strategy
    3. Commence Pre-Feasibility Study on Gonneville development cases which balance value, risk and optionality
    4. Commence regulatory approvals process for a Gonneville starter mine
  • 4

    Develop our Business and Market

    1. Assess new electrification and hydrogen technologies which utilise palladium or platinum
    2. Divest non-core opportunities to retain focus
    3. Evaluate synergistic projects within the West Yilgarn Province
  • 5

    Fund the Strategy

    1. Maintain financial strength and maximise financing optionality
    2. Investigate value-add and capability-add strategic partnership(s) which support project financing
  • 6

    Focus on People and Stakeholders

    1. Progress our three year sustainability roadmap to achieve best-in-class sustainability performance
    2. Develop social value framework and community partnership fund for the Julimar Project
    3. Attract and retain world class mine-finding and mine-defining capability
    4. Continue to nurture our culture of ownership, sustainable success and ideation