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Julimar - Investment

Community Investment Program

Chalice is committed to positively impacting the local communities that surround the Julimar Project, to achieve meaningful social and economic benefits. As a member of these communities, local employment, procurement and funding are among the best ways Chalice can meaningfully contribute.

Chalice has developed our Community Investment Program, which aims to provide funding to deliver positive long-term benefits and support local initiatives. 

The following guidelines provide the framework for Community Investment decision making

Chalice Mining is specifically looking to support projects that fall under our three core focus areas of Education, Environment and Community. Applications are not required to meet al three core focus areas, however those that support the below will be prioritised. 

Education - initiatives that advance and improve regional educational opportunities.

  • Sharing of knowledge and capabilities for the benefit of the local community.
  • Supports innovation and advancement for local residents.

Environment - initiatives that protect and rehabilitate the environment. 

  • Supports the connection between community and the natural environment.
  • Restores our natural environment and protects our ecosystems and endangered species.

Community Connection - supporting local opportunities, events and groups to strengthen the community connection within the region.

  • Facilitates and supports greater engagement between community members.
  • Respects and recognises our local heritage and culture. 

Types of Community Investment 

  • Grants - Monetary contribution to help the community by supporting local activities and building community initiatives.
  • Sponsorships - commitment of money or resources in exchange for specific promotional benefits.
  • In-kind Support - Non monetary contribution such as volunteer support, supply or services or goods.

Application Process:

Twice a year Chalice will invite submissions for its Community Investment Program. 

Each year the application and submission periods are as follows.

Grant applications open: 1 February
Grant applications close: 30 March
Successful grant applicants published: May

Grant applications open: 1 August
Grant applications close: 30 September
Successful grant applicants published: November

Where possible we request all applications be made online by completing our Sponsorship Application Form and sending it to

Sponsorship Application Form 

If you are unable to apply online or are having difficulties with your application, please call Chalice Mining on (08) 9322 3960 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm).

Supported sponsorships and funding will be formalised in a sponsorship agreement between the two parties.