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Health and Safety

Chalice recognises that employee and contractor health and safety lies at the core of our business. Maintaining high health and safety performance requires the right mindsets and behaviours, which together with our systems contribute to our strong safety culture.

Our primary objective are to maintain a culture of integrity and ownership, to provide a safe working environment at all Chalice locations and to maintain the health and wellbeing of our employees and contractors. Chalice is committed to ensuring occupational health and safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) Management System governs our day-to-day activities, ensuring appropriate standards are adopted, hazards are identified, controlled, managed and monitored appropriately.

To achieve its objectives, Chalice will:

  • Responsibly manage our operations to create a safe and supportive working environment, in line with statutory obligations and moral obligations;
  • Reduce health and safety hazards to as low a level as reasonably practicable by providing and maintaining safe work places, plant and systems of work. 
  • Provide training, re-training, information, instruction and supervision of all employees to enable them to perform their duties safely.
  • Develop procedures for hazard identification, risk assessment and to implement measures to control the risk.
  • Regularly review systems to identify opportunities for continual improvement. 

For more information please view our 2021 Annual Report.


Chalice Annual Safety Report